Mikas - Feedback (Progressive Grooves Records PGR365777)



Mikas's 6th artist album “Feedback”
One of the fundamental things we get when we take action is feedback. Mikas’s new album is a statement on its own, featuring work crafted and enhanced during relentless studio sessions spanning the last 4 years. Going into deeper territories but preserving his melodic and progressive roots, the artist looks back into the dancefloor after the ambient / electronica work of Explorers released in 2017.


Mikas has been evolving in the Electronic Music Scene since the 1990s as a DJ, promoter, producer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Progressive Grooves Records. The label has been publishing inspired music since 2005, receiving support from some of the best DJs around the world both live and on the airwaves.


In 2012 Mikas founded wemakedancemusic.com. The site is a well-known platform for artists to sell projects, sounds, STEMS & Royalty Free Music.


The album "Feedback" will be released for DJs and producers; the release includes Logic Pro X Templates for all songs so producers can remix all of them from the roots. The songs are available for instant royalty free licensing on Mikas’s site.


Beatport exclusive April 17th (All Songs + Album)

All other stores and streaming services May 1st

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1 - Mikas - Feebdack (5:24)

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Feedback is life, it’s building on it, it’s shaping the reality you want to be your own. The self is built upon years of feedback, rerouting us into unexpected directions.

The piece slowly builds the tension to finally achieve the ultimate groove, perfect synths, the dancefloor moments to look forward to.

2 - Mikas - Be There (5:46)

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Will you Be There? Emotions will always be, yet the need for people will always be there. Let the groove be with Be There, it is there for you.

Be there is a smooth deep house affair infused with new disco indie vibes. Soft vocals remind the listener to “Be There’.

3 - Mikas - Dynamix (5:30)

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She will, will you? Bound to explore a bit further, a bit deeper. Poetry in sounds, born to be. Dynamix. Not reserved only to those who know but to those who want to know.

Dynamix is an addictive deep progressive tune that encompasses crafted synth textures, complex melodic elements and a heart-shattering layered bassline.

4 - Mikas - Quebec (7:21)

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Where will you be? In and out, here and there. The space in between is nothing but emptiness, this emptiness is beauty. Shaded, but grateful, memories will last.

The piece is a synth-filled affair with proper tension building chords and atmos. The breakdown features an electrifying synth that brings welcoming uplifting vibes.

5 - Mikas - Always (6:54)

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Always, will you? Inspired by grace, crafted with hope, lived with passion, the symbiosis was there, we were only guided by our instincts.

Melodic progressive deep tune featuring polyphonic synths. Simple and effective elements fill the space and progress into the main drop - this one is a real journey.

6 - Mikas - Uhara (6:24)

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Do you copy? Yes, said the man. But will there be anything without something else first? Maybe, said the man, but it would not be from me.

This slow and epic prog tune features minimalistic elements that cumulate to a grandiose energy.

7 - Mikas - Deep Frequencies (7:06)

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How deep? About 20000KHZ and 118DB at 118BPM. Quite deep it is.
Deep frequencies is like a 3D scene. Let the sonic scenery take you in, let the frequency gently caress your mind into the depth of the art.

8 - Mikas - Deep Fish (6:43)

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Are you experienced? The deeper the better, the bass groove makes you feel like a fish in water, like musician on stage, let the groove reign you.
Deep Fish is a funky affair with a tougher edge.

9 - Mikas - Natural (7:52)

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Naturally, music fills the empty space between people and connects them. Natural is a mysterious tale in two parts, intriguing and mysterious, but enlightening.
Natural is a deep LFO affair with two Bassline colliding into one main melody, then the techier part unexpectedly takes you to a space within a space.

10 - Mikas - Evasion (5:54)

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Sometimes you need to escape, from your body, your mind and the world. Open the gateway to your inner self and let the music fill the void.
This atmospheric progressive tune is breathing intensity. The space is crowded with colors and sounds emerging from dark corners of the creator’s mind.

Early Feedback:


 DJ Name  Rated Out of 10 Comment Best Track
Julian 10 Great Album! Excellent Mikas - Deep Frequencies
Anthony dudley 10 Excellent music Mikas - Feedback
Andre Yenski 10 Super release, a lot of tracks go straight in my crate. Good work! Mikas - Feedback
Ian Faze 10 brilliant album,all these tracks are first class,not to hard but perfect for club/radio,nice melodic tunes which i really like.will be supporting all these tracks MIkas - Be There
Laren Agius 10 Solid Album here nice work Mikas - Deep Frequencies
Andrey 10 Very nice thx Mikas - Deep Fish
Signey 10 Absolutely a 10/10 MIkas - Be There
Laszlo Gregus 10 Amazing album, great warm up tunes.. Mikas - Quebec
Luis Navarro 10 Mikas congrats on the great production work MIkas - Be There
DJ Crysis 10 All tracks are fine, sound good, i like it MIkas - Be There
Mr Nobody 10 Very groovy progressive beats and melodies that will sit nicely within any progressive mix. Mikas - Feedback
Danemos ® 10 THAT'S COOOL ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! Mikas - Evasion
Light of the Future 10 Fine album Mikas - Dynamix
Tsukamoto Grace 10 Wonderful tracks ! All so nice Mikas - Feedback
Nicolas Dales 10 Amazing release guys! Full Support!! Thanx! Mikas - Feedback
VoV 10 Nice album! Thank you! Mikas - Evasion
Carlos Hernandez 10 Hey mates thanks a lot for send this amazing pack support every tracks Mikas - Deep Frequencies
Brian Doran 10 Great release, packed full of gems. Loving Deep Fish a lot! Mikas - Deep Fish
Norman Delucheux 10 HIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mikas - Quebec
Jenny Karol (avivmedia.fm) 10 Supported ! Tune in : avivmedia.fm Mikas - Natural
Vladimir Kuznetsov 10 Be There : wonderful track, score 10! MIkas - Be There
Ceaz Amaze 10 These are Great. Can not wait to play them =) Mikas - Dynamix
Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio) 10 Will support Mikas - Quebec
Tony Grand 10 Quebec is great Mikas - Quebec
Stephan Grondin 10 Very interesting album. I will def try them out Mikas - Dynamix
Thomas T?lke 10 Great tunes... Mikas - Deep Frequencies
Lorenzo al Dino 9 Solid releases. Mikas - Deep Fish
Anthony French 9 Nice one! Mikas - Deep Fish
Matthew Gross 9 Amazing progressive and Deep release. Keep it up man! MIkas - Be There
Erik Fretheim 9 I like Quebec and Natural in particular and Evasion Mikas - Quebec
Marcus Paragon 9 A lot of good stuff on this album. I'm super impressed with the quality of sounds, patterns and overall mastering. Feedback, Be There and Evasion are 3 tracks I'll be supporting for sure. Mikas - Feedback
Division One 9 "Feedback"- is nice journey, "Be there" - very deep,kinda housey but still top notch, "Dynamix"- very interesting and addictive, "Quebec" - typical Mikas sound , "Always " - good conection between prog trance and prog house, "Uhara' - I've heard this before in some radio ;) "Deep frequecies" - my fav here- lush and smooth and deep at same time, "Deep Fish" - nice experimentation, "Natural" - great progressive tune , very cool unexpected factor inside, "Evasion" lovelly track with nice atmosphere :) Supporting.Thank you :) Mikas - Deep Frequencies
Thorin 9 Love it!!! Will try to fit it in my podcast. tracklisting: www.djthorin.com Mikas - Feedback
Brenton Earl issel 9 Nice and Deep !!! MIkas - Be There
Donovan Townes 9 Great deep house! Mikas - Deep Fish
Richie Bradley 9 Great album Mikas - Always
Gerardo Moro 9 Nice LP. Thanks! Mikas - Evasion
Clinton Pattison 9 Good set of tracks Mikas - Feedback
Crispian Aldis 9 Top take you away feel good package. Mikas - Dynamix
Wim Devos 9 Supported on Houseofhouse.be MIkas - Be There
Sixty8 9 Again a great LP from Mikas, Congrats Mikas - Quebec
ClintC 9 Awesome album. I really cant choose between Feedback, Dynamix, Quebec, Deep Frequencies, Deep Fish, Natural. Will definitely support, wonderful journey Mikas - Natural
Danny Grunow 9 Nice album, supporting. Thanks. Mikas - Deep Frequencies
Joseph Christian 9 A fantastic collection of deepness Mikas - Quebec
DJ Marcus iLL 9 Mikas never stop pleasing!! Great album!!! Mikas - Natural
George Crossfield 9 Nice Tracks. Mikas - Dynamix
Mix Feed Radio Show 9 Great album!! downloading for Mix Feed Radio Show, thank you! Mikas - Feedback
Cuauhtemoc Jesus Moctezuma Naval 9 I like the Sounds! Mikas - Quebec
Steven Henry 9 Good album from Mikas nice selection of tracks my two favourites are Be There and Quebec MIkas - Be There
Rainer Selle 9 Das sind gute Tracks. Sie lassen sich mit ins Programm nehmen. Man kann sie auch entspannt zu Hause sehr gut anhören und dabei sehr gut abschalten. Genial. Dieser ist feste im Programm. Mikas - Deep Frequencies
Donasci 8 Good vibes this song :) Mikas - Feedback
Sven Kleinert 8 Great stuff to play/spin in my sets and radio shows. Download, support and thank you by NanoCore / RBL MIkas - Be There
Remco Leeuwenburgh 8 Nice deep set starters or late night deep Mikas - Deep Frequencies
Heiko Schmitt 8 Mikas ist einer der besten Trance-Produzenten der Zeit Alle Tracks einsetzbar Mikas - Feedback
Steve Boyett 8 I've supported Mikas for years, and I like this gentler side. Production values are top-notch, and the melodic trademarks remain strong. "Deep Fish" is my fave for its drive, but "Quebec" and "Always" are strong ending tracks Mikas - Deep Fish
Fernando Castro 8 Great music! thanks! Mikas - Dynamix
Hervé Marcuard 8 Nice grooves Mikas - Feedback
Jordan Petrof 8 Great work overall,support & thanks! Mikas - Dynamix
Martin Dassler 8 Nice sounds here, thanks Mikas - Deep Frequencies
Johan N. Lecander 8 Nice stuff, expecially Evasion. Full support Mikas - Evasion
Sean 8 Nice release! Mikas - Evasion
Rodrigo Baroni 8 Nice LP! Thanks for the music, my fav is Feedback Mikas - Feedback
Kevin Hoodless 8 Something there for everyone Mikas - Feedback
J?rg Bredow 8 Good Music! Mikas - Always
dj_Angela 8 Great album Mikas - Feedback
Marco Molinari Dj 8 Cool release, will try 4 sure MIkas - Be There
DJ Mark 8 A little uneven but some real gems in this release. Dynamix is my favorite. Mikas - Dynamix
Puresine 8 Great album! From dreamy to dance floor. Thanks for sending! Mikas - Always
BugC 8 Love the basslines in thisone ! Mikas - Natural
Aerial noise 8 I am quite impressed with this album. Top notch work from Mikas. Mikas - Evasion
Glen Pawelski 8 Liking the vibes throughout this! Nice work! Mikas - Feedback
Ade Sands 8 Light, Airy, very easy on the ear. Great! Mikas - Deep Frequencies
Dylan Jones 8 Some great tracks here Mikas - Always
Kaeno 8 Supporting on The Vanishing Point Radio Show and Live Tour / Club Performances. - Kaeno Mikas - Feedback
Dj Blade 8 Sehr gut gemacht Mikas - Always
Bertram Birkhofer 8 Perfect for listening Mikas - Always
Matt Handy 8 Great release again from Progressive Grooves!! Thanks Mikas - Quebec
Laurent Kaa 8 Very nice album, production is top quality, tracks are very different and nicely done, congrats Mikas - Feedback
Leandro Silva 7 Nice one Mikas - Evasion
Aniket 7 Nice tracks overall Mikas - Natural
D phrag 7 Good LP, I love Quebec! Mikas - Quebec
Overload Radio 7 Solid effort Mikas - Dynamix
Ahmed Manns 7 Awesome progressive tunes. Dynamix and Deep Fish are the standouts. Mikas - Deep Fish
Ross Mt. Park 7 Nice production work here all around. thanks Mikas - Dynamix
Charlotte Balibar aka DJ SuperJaimie 7 Lots of good tech & melodic elements MIkas - Be There
Pablo Prado 7 Thanks for your promo! For playlists & support follow me on www.mixcloud.com/pabloprado or Instagram/Twitter @pablopradodj Mikas - Quebec
Eden 7 Nice Tracks Mikas - Feedback
Christopher Walker 7 Not a bad release at all. Surprised me, there is quite a nice selection of styles here. Mikas - Evasion
Dava Di Toma 7 i like Dynamix,thank's :) Mikas - Dynamix
Pastrana 7 Nice one Mikas - Deep Fish
Ciprian (Chip) Adams 7 Thank you ! Downloading for Zentripz on WMNF Tampa 88.5 fm & Syncopated on Afterhours.fm Mikas - Deep Frequencies
Matt Groves 7 You're spoiling us for sure! Mikas - Uhara
Ezequiel Azara 7 Great album, love most of them Mikas - Quebec
Reiner Wallenborn 7 Starts with new sound in the direction of House (Tracks 1,2,3 nice!), though they sound like they're waiting for vocals ("Be There"). They are most interesting for me. After that you slip back into trance/techno to end up in spheric Sound ("Evasion"). Work on to more house. ;-)) Mikas - Dynamix
J?rgen Sauseng 7 Very cool LP Mikas - Quebec
Nicolas Kaniak 7 Will try Mikas - Dynamix
Darko 7 Nice package.Thanks Mikas - Feedback
G.HoT 7 Good one! Mikas - Deep Frequencies
Eric Borkowski 7 I like it and play it Mikas - Dynamix
Miikka Hasari 7 Some nice rollers in there Mikas - Deep Frequencies
DJ Leon El Ray 7 Very exciting release. MIkas - Be There
Chris Maico Schmidt 7 Very cool Mikas - Dynamix
Mike Solus 7 Dig the album. Supporting. Thank you Mikas - Always