Music project templates have become increasingly popular, if you use a popular DAW like Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Fl Studio or Cubase, these project files can be used in various ways. Here are some great ideas:

1 - Remix what you love: select a track that inspires you and explore pure creativity customizing individual elements.

2 - Understand your DAW: quickly learn the elements and the structure of a song in your favourite program.

3 - Midi Melodies: study the parts and get a solid understanding of the layout of melodies, chords and bassline.

4 - Live performances: use the templates to build a unique live performance, combine many projects, mix and match.


5 - Beats and arrangements: delete all synths MIDI and compose your own track using the drums and sounds.


6 - The perfect mash-ups: control the parts and fit them perfectly to create the best mash ups.


7 - Video games music: use the template to create music to be integrated into video games.


8 - Media synchronisation: all elements in our templates can be customised to fit your media production.


9 - Import entire channels: export complete channel setting into your own projects, get the synths, effects and setting all at once.


10 - Mastering chain: most of our projects include plugins on the main output which you can export and add to your own project.


11 - Mix STEMS: export all tracks as audio and start a new session in any DAW.


12 - Music production courses: select a project in a genre you want to teach and create custom class.


We have over 2000 templates to choose from